The NFL’s new Code-19 rules include changes to return-to-play algorithms and the reversal of extreme restrictions

The NFL and NFL Players’ Association have made changes to the league’s COVID-19 protocols, some of which will take effect immediately, and may help teams that have been eliminated this week.

With immediate effect, all 32 NFL teams will be kept in strict COVID-19 protocol until the end of the 15th week. This means re-imposing a mandatory mask on group facilities, community space, and crop and-go food service. , Limits on the number of persons allowed in all virtual junctions, weight rooms and restrictions on activities outside the facility.

Teams that are already in strict protocol, whether vaccinated or not — will continue to have daily testing of all players and personnel, but the remaining teams will not be subjected to daily testing.

With immediate effect, the league and NFLPA will make changes to the COVID-19 protocol for re-playing, which will make it easier for vaccinated and asymptomatic players to return to training and play.

According to current protocols, if a vaccinated person is positive for COVID-19, he or she must have two negative tests within 24 hours of his or her return. New protocols will ease that need and, according to sources, help teams such as the Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams and Washington football team withdraw some players for this weekend’s games.

There is no change in the rules for non-vaccinated players, they will be tested daily and must be away from the team facility for at least 10 days before being allowed to return after a positive test.

If it is embarrassing to make changes to NFLPA protocols, players should be allowed the ability to withdraw from the season, although it is unclear whether the league will agree to that.

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As of Thursday afternoon, there is no plan to make COVID-19 booster shots mandatory for vaccinated players, although the League and NFLPA continue to encourage vaccinated players to receive and receive boosters for vaccinated players.

Browns announced Wednesday that head coach Kevin Stefansky has tested positive for the corona virus, with at least eight starters — including quarterbacks. Baker Mayfield — Added to this week’s Balance / Govt-19 list.

The Rams added 13 players to the Govt list last week, including star cornerback Jalan Ramsay, Star receiver Odel Beckham Jr.. And begins to run back Darrell Henderson.

Washington added 17 players to the Govt’s list this week — eight on Wednesday and three more on Thursday — bringing their total to 21 and 11 starting players.

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