PFT Week 16 NFL Power Ranking (Final)

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[Editor’s note: Now that Week 15 is fully and completely in the books, here are the final Week 16 power rankings.]

1. Packers (11-3, last week No. 1): Another No. 1 seed for the team and another MVP Aaron Rodgers Are within reach. Can you finish the job this year?

2. Leaders (10-4, No. 5): Three straight Super Bowl appearances are not suddenly questionable.

3. Rams (10-4, No. 4): Three straight wins after three straight defeats. How many more will there be?

4. Cowboys (10-4, No. 7): Ugly wins are still wins, especially if other top NFC rivals lose.

5. The Patriots (9-5, No. 2): The lack of energy in the first half was almost unnatural, as Bill Belichick apologized for behaving similarly to reporters for 22 years.

6. Buccaneers (10-4, No. 3): Season 17 was a wartime battle, and the Bucks lost a major battle on Sunday night.

7. Golds (8-6, No. 10): How far they will go Jonathan Taylor Takes them.

8. Cardinals (10-4, No. 6): From a seed to a possible wild card, in six days.

9. The Titans (9-5, No. 8): Thursday night’s game finally becomes crucial to their desire to end their contract with AFC South.

10. 49ers (8-6, No. 12): They are the NFC’s Golds, a team that no one wants to play in the postseason.

11. Bills (8-6, No. 13): All of these will arrive in New England until Sunday.

12. Bengal (8-6, No. 14): More and more, more and more, again and again.

13. Ravens (8-6, No. 9): Going for two has led to defeats in the current three games.

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14. Chargers (8-6, No. 11): The future is bright. The present tense was dark.

15. The Vikings (7-7, No. 16): At least it did not come back to the last play.

16. Dolphins (7-7, No. 17): The winning series can get up to seven. The last two games will determine whether they reach the playoffs.

17. Browns (7-7, No. 15): This is for the Browns now or never. With a trip to Lombay Field on the deck, the clock never hits.

18. Steelers (7-6-1, No. 19): That tie will carry them inside or outside.

19. Eagles (7-7, No. 20): They are good enough to go to the playoffs. Are they good enough to win if they get there?

20. Saints (7-7, No. 22): If they can play bucks every week.

21. Broncos (7-7, No. 18): Will skipping the playoffs save Vic Fangio?

22. Washington (6-8, No. 23): Time may be running out on what post-season Perth would have been like.

23. Falcons (6-8, No. 21): They are laying a good foundation for 2022. The question is whether their hat condition will allow them to develop.

24. Raiders (7-7, No. 24): They still do not look like a playoff team.

25. Seahawks (5-9, No. 25): The first undefeated record in a decade will trigger some significant changes in Seattle. It remains to be seen what they will be and how far they will resonate.

26. Leopards (5-9, No. 26): The clock ticks on the mat rule.

27. Giants (4-10, No. 27): There is still time to bring the mouse back.

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28. Bears (4-10, No. 28): Like all other enemies, the Vikings hang around them. Unlike all other enemies, the Bears could not pay for Minnesota.

29. Lions (2-11-1, No. 30): Sunday’s win is a great golf shot that gets a tuffer to return to another round.

30. Texans (3-11, No. 31): They are a team that cannot tank straight.

31. Jets (3-11, No. 29): The Giants offered free medium soda to their season-ticket holders. Jet planes wedge another mind into their season-ticket holders.

32. Jaguars (2-12, No. 32): The first choice is in the bag. Will they steal it?

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