NFL Playoff Image 2021 — Levels, Brackets, Post-Chiefs-Chargers Displays, and Week 15 Outlook

The dawn of the 15th week brought us another shake-up at AFC Playoff film. Thursday night’s exciting overtime win over the Chargers lifted them Conference No. 1 seed. The Patriots could regain that position with a win against the Golds on Saturday, but at least for a few days, the leaders returned to where they had spent the most in the previous three seasons.

Regardless, with four weeks left in the regular season, the NFL’s playoffs are open. Of the 32 teams in the league, 26 are in playoff place or one in Perth. There are 24 teams with at least six wins, the most wins in 14 weeks of a season in NFL history.

The following is a preview of armchair activist NFL’s weekly snapshot of the playoffs. ESPN Football Power Index (FPI) And our own instincts give you short- and long-term stocks. We have distorted the playoffs and / or division Stressful scenes For a few teams, we will update you on how all of this worked on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

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The seventh consecutive win of the Chiefs, even if it was temporary, ended their journey from a record of failure at the AFC to number one. Importantly, they also ruled out the possibility of the Chargers running a direct tiebreaker in the AFC West race. This is a good thing because chiefs don’t seem to have an easy schedule in other ways. They play three AFC wild-card rivals, none of whom are likely to play the strings: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Denver. Regardless, it’s fun.

Next: Vs Steelers (Week 16)

The Patriots were eliminated from the AFC’s top spot by Thursday night’s end, but with Saturday’s victory they can regain it. Now the Patriots are heading for a two-week extension that could well determine the AFC Eastern title. They can capture the division if they win Saturday in Indianapolis and win the bills at home in the 16th week. To get to the playoffs in the 15th week, the Patriots have to win, then they have to get defeats from the Dolphins and Brown, then they have to get defeats. From these two teams: the Ravens, the Steelers, the Bengals and the Broncos.

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Tennessee could win the AFC South with a win against the Steelers earlier this week and a Golds defeat to the Patriots. The Titans will continue to top the AFC again. The Patriots currently have an advantage over conference records, but have a face-to-face tiebreaker with the Titans leadership. Remember, the Titans have the NFL’s strongest table in a number of other ways; The rest of their games are against the Steelers, 49ers, Dolphins and Texans.

Next: At Steelers

The Ravens have suffered two consecutive AFC North defeats and have slipped from fourth place to fourth in the AFC over the past two weeks. Baltimore’s remaining table — against the Packers, Bengals, Rams and Steelers — is one of the toughest in the league. Their lead in the AFC North has been reduced to one game, and while the FPI are still positive in their playoff chances, this time around the Ravens certainly do not feel like a playoff team.

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Next: Vs. Packers

Thursday night Chargers lost the biggest game they played Thursday night, but they returned to where they started the night: the wild card is in a good position for playoff berth. This will be their second trip to the postseason in the last eight years. They had the legal opportunity to overtake the AFC Western leaders, and this is a statistical possibility, but will require the help of a team experienced in closing the seasonal position over the past few years.

Next: In Texans (Week 16)



Justin Herbert snatched a pass from Keenan Allen for Touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

The AFC South title may be beyond their grasp — the Titans are key with three remaining four games due to their head-to-head sweep — but the Golds are now in a good position at AFC’s three wild-card points. . Before the match against the Raiders and Jaguars ends, they will have to play a tough game against the Patriots and Cardinals for the next two weeks. A 2-2 split in those games might be enough.

Next: Against patriots

In a few weeks, the Bills did not take the playoff spot from the AFC East peak. They certainly did not get the results you would expect for a team with designs in the deep playoff run, but only one of Buffalo’s losses was multiple scores. Patriots in two weeks — only one game on the bills against a team with a successful record, and the FPI is still giving the buffalo a good chance to hang out in one of the wild-card spots.

Next: vs. Panthers

In the AFC hunt

Cleveland Browns (7-6)

Browns split a season with the Ravens and eliminated the tiebreaker head-on with them if they were to come to the AFC North title. Yes, browns are in the division and wild card mix. They get rid of Saturday riders at home.

Cincinnati Bengal (7-6)

The Bengals’ playoff chances were a huge success with a series of defeats to the Chargers and 49 runs. They will face another team (Denver) on Sunday.

Denver Broncos (7-6)

The Broncos have now won four of their last six games and have the chance to overtake another playoff opponent when they face the Bengals on Sunday afternoon.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6-6-1)

The rest of the Steelers’ schedule is horrendous, with games against the Titans, Chiefs, Browns and Ravens awaiting. The only thing left now is their inevitable removal from the playoff controversy.

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The Cardinals lost to Rams on Monday, courtesy of a head-to-head tiebreaker that lifted the Packers to the top of the NFC. And let the good news continue this week. If the Ravens win or the Vikings lose to the Bears, the Packers will win over NFC North. And even if the Vikings beat the Bears, if the Saints and 49 players lose, the Packers could take the playoff spot. The Packers have some areas, especially their special teams, but in a defective league, they have a good chance like any other team to take a deep playoff run.

Next: In the Ravens

The loss of the Cardinals on Monday night allowed the Buccaneers to take a place, and the 15th week brings some successful shots to Tampa Bay. Buccaneers could win both the playoffs and NFC South by winning on home soil against the Saints. They could also advance to the playoffs with defeats to the Vikings and the 49ers. It is noteworthy that the Saints have won all three regular season matches between these two teams. Tom Brady Signed with Buchananers last season. (However, the Bucks beat the Saints in the division playoffs last season.)

Next: Against the Saints

Monday night’s results were disappointing but not catastrophic for the cardinals. Yes, they could have qualified for the playoffs with a win over the Rams, and that would have given Arizona a chance to win the NFC West title this week. But all that stands between the cardinals and the playoff spot is now a game in the unhappy Lions. The defeat to Los Angeles certainly threatened the Cardinals’ hopes of a home-field advantage in the playoffs, but it is worth noting that they have not been beaten on the road this season. Even if they lose to the Lions, the Cardinals can win that post-season spot with the losses of the Vikings and Saints, the losses of the Vikings and the 49ers or the Packers’ victory with the losses of the Falcons and Saints.

Next: In the Lions



Damien Woody believes that despite missing time with the injury to Diandre Hopkins, Kyler Murray could lead the Cardinals to victory next season.

The cowboys are leading the three-game in the division, and they could capture it earlier this week, though it’s a little more complicated. First, they must defeat the Giants and defeat the Eagles to Washington. According to ESPN statistics and information research, the Dallas Eagles must win a strength-winning tiebreaker that would require the victories of these five teams: the Cardinals, the Bengals, the Dolphins, the Vikings and the Patriots.

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Whether it happens this week or not, the Cowboys division title seems inevitable. To qualify for the playoffs, the Cowboys need a win over the Giants, the defeat of the Buccaneers or 49 players, or the defeat of the Vikings, the Falcons, the Saints and a strong tiebreaker of victory over the Eagles.

Next: In the Giants

The Rams are now within a game of the NFC West Front. According to the FPI, with only a 10.3% chance of capturing the Rams division, the Cardinals are even more desirable, but the victory increased Los Angeles’ chances of making the playoffs to almost 99%. The Rams’ remaining schedule was tough and included three opponents pushing for playoff places (Vikings, Ravens and 49ers), but Monday night’s effort showed they were ready for the challenge.

Next: Vs. Seahawks

The overtime victory of 49 players in Cincinnati in Week 14 allowed them to keep the value of a game between them and the five NFC teams at 6-7, with the FPI making their playoff odds at 77.3%. One of those teams could be sidelined this week if they beat the Falcons, but it won’t be easy sledding. The Niners still have games at the Titans and the Rams, with Kim Matchup against the Texans in between.

Next: Vs. Falcons

Washington missed an opportunity to make NFC East even more interesting in Week 14, but let’s face it: the real deal for Washington is the wild card, and Sunday’s loss didn’t go out of the top seven. Now, in the NFC field, which includes five 6-7 teams, the FPI offers Washington a 22.6% chance of catching one of the wild-card spots. Twice in the next three weeks the Perth (Eagles) will play with one of its rivals.

Next: In the Eagles

In the NFC hunt

Minnesota Vikings (6-7)

Two of Minnesota’s remaining four games are against the Bears, including Monday night, so anything is possible.

Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

With two more games left against Washington, the Eagles are still returning from their pie week in the playoffs. The first Sunday is coming.

Atlanta Falcons (6-7)

All credit to the Falcons for coach Arthur Smith’s stay in the race with the unmanned team in his first year. But for the 49ers, the remaining games against the Pills and Saints can be a huge hurdle.

New Orleans Saints (6-7)

The Saints have only one game against a winning team — the Buccaneers on Sunday — but the only team they have beaten since the beginning of November is the pathetic Jets.

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