More than 100 people have yet to be found in Kentucky after a deadly hurricane

Flags were lowered to half-mast in Kentucky at sunrise on Tuesday in honor of the dozens killed in the hurricane in several states over the weekend. Taking up houses and leveling whole cities.

More than 100 people in the state have not yet been accounted for and 74 have been confirmed dead, Governor Andy Bessier said in an afternoon renovation before inspecting storm damage in Muhlenberg County, where the governor himself lost relatives.

12 of those killed were children.

“The age limit has become even tougher,” Bessier said of the dead. «Some people don’t get the chance to enjoy this life.»

The 2 months for the youngest victim, When the senior was 98 years old, Bessier said.

He said eight of the dead in the county had not been identified, and I still hope we find more bodies — there is so much destruction.

A portion of the growing state fund will be used for funerals. Fundraising donations have reached nearly $ 10 million.

At least eight of the dead in Kentucky were killed when the roof of a candle factory in Mayfield collapsed.

The death toll from the factory, while causing catastrophe, was «a miracle,» Bessier said.

“If you’ve seen it firsthand, it’s hard to describe the extent of complete destruction in one place,” Bessier said.

Five candle factory workers NBC News said on Monday that supervisors had warned that employees would be fired if they left their shifts too early. To seek refuge from the coming storm. Company officials have denied the allegations.

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The candle factory is one of the many structures lost in Mayfield — almost the entire city is flat.

The search and rescue operation continued on Tuesday as massive amounts of debris, including dead cattle, were removed.

«I’m going to tell you, it’s very nice to not only get these things out, but to load it up and take it out of town,» Bessier said, adding that the process is «therapeutic.»

Government parks have been opened to house those who have lost their homes.

Michael Dossett, Kentucky’s Emergency Management Director, said thousands of homes had been destroyed and more homes were damaged beyond repair.

«Pictures and videos do not do it justice. Being on the ground will take your breath away, ”Dossett said, adding that he was ready to retire but promised to put it off when the state recovers.

A The governor’s wife started the toy driving business, Britainy Beshear, Families who lost everything are getting ready to celebrate Christmas.

If there is any indication of a neighbor’s generosity, «after the kids see what’s coming up this year, next year will be hard for those parents,» Bessier said.

President Joe Biden Approved a major disaster declaration for Kentucky On Sunday, the federal government provided assistance in at least eight districts after the storm destroyed homes and left thousands of customers without electricity. Bessier said the announcement was the fastest ever.

Biden plans to move to the state For the storm conference on Wednesday, and to calculate the damage at Mayfield and Dawson Springs, half of that was leveled.

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Although Kentucky was the most affected state, the disaster went beyond its borders. Many were killed in Illinois, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas.

Meteorologists said Climate change often exacerbated hurricane eruptions By replacing or multiplying explosive-generating materials such as December temperatures above average.

At least six people have been confirmed dead after a section of the Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois collapsed.

In a statement released Tuesday, Amazon said it had donated $ 1 million to the Edwardsville Community Foundation and was donating relief items to the community.

«We are deeply saddened by the news that members of our Amazon family have died as a result of the storm in Edwardsville,» Amazon said in a statement. «Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their loved ones and all those affected. By the hurricane.»

The company said the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was investigating the crash. Amazon spokesmen said Monday’s investigation was welcome and that the structure was built according to the code.

On Tuesday Amazon thanked its crew at the Illinois Last Mile Delivery Station, saying they had tried to get as many staff as possible to the designated shelter location.

Biden also declared a state of emergency Tennessee And a disaster notice Illinois.

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