Chargers TE Donald Burham will be released from hospital on Friday after suffering a concussion.

Chargers Tight end Donald Burham The team said he would be released from hospital on Friday after suffering a concussion during a home game on Thursday. Leaders. Burham «was resting comfortably, alert,» Chargers Said.

Burham was left out on a stretcher due to injury in the first quarter of Thursday’s game Taken to UCLA Harbor Medical Center For further evaluation. He was undergoing tests, imaging and evaluation for a head injury and on Thursday night, the team was in stable condition. Said.

On Friday, Chargers coach Brandon Staley said Burham’s mother arrived in Los Angeles that morning and was hospitalized with her son. Staley said he has not yet spoken directly with Barham, but hopes to return after Friday.

“It was encouraging news all night,” Staley said.

The repercussions during Thursday night’s game showed Burham’s head hitting the ground after catching a pass in the back of the final zone. The repercussions show that he lost control of the ball after his head came in contact with the floor, and that he lay unconscious, with his eyes closed and lying on the floor, his hands frozen away from his body.

He was injured in the fourth and opening game of the game on the Kansas City 5-yard line. None of the Chiefs players interacted with Burham in the play. Paramedics removed Burham’s mask. The replay showed him moving his left arm and squeezing the coach’s arm.

The 24-year-old Burham is a second-year player with 20 catches and three touchdowns for 190 yards.

Leaders Won the game in extra time, 34-28.

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